The University of Vienna (20 faculties and centres, 178 fields of study, approx. 9.800 members of staff, about 90.000 students) seeks to fill the position from 01.03.2020 of a

Scientific Project Staff / Doctoral Candidate
at the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies

to 28.02.2023.

Reference number: 10209

The Young Independent Researcher Group “SPACE – Spatial Competition and Economic Policies: Discourses, Institutions and Everyday Practices” (runtime 2019-2023) is a new project funded by the FWF (Austrian Science Fund) and aims at interdisciplinary collaboration of young researchers.
The project team currently consists of five post-doc researchers from the disciplines of European ethnology, sociology and economy and will be expanded with five prae-docs next year. Three universities are involved in the project: Vienna University for Economics and Business (Institute for Sociology and Social Research), JKU Linz (Institute for Comprehensive Analysis of the Economy), University of Vienna (Department of European Ethnology). The advertised positions (prae-doc) will be situated at the Department of European Ethnology at the University of Vienna.
The project is dedicated to concepts, discourses and practices of competition. It represents a unique triangulation of the disciplines of European ethnology, sociology and economy, and connects qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate how the economic logic of competition has evolved in the history of economic theorizing, and how it transgresses from academic debates into political and public discourses, legal regulations, and everyday life. The specific research field is the field of housing in Vienna, Austria.
You can find further information on the website:

Duration of employment: 3 year/s

Extent of Employment: 30 hours/week
Job grading in accordance with collective bargaining agreement: §48 VwGr. B1 Grundstufe (praedoc) with relevant work experience determining the assignment to a particular salary grade.

Job Description:
The applicants are expected to participate in scientific research concerning the Viennese housing market. This means on the one hand the analysis of regulations and dynamics in the field of housing production based on the analysis of legislative documents and the examination of the actions of institutional actors in different subfields of housing (public housing, subsidized housing, private rental sector, self-organized co-housing groups). How are logics of competition adapted, negotiated and contested? On the other hand the project endeavors to understand how housing seekers cope with the challenges of securing their access to the housing market in the context of implicit and explicit constellations of competition. The goal is to identify structural in- and exclusions and interpretations and strategies of actors in the field as well as to investigate how competition in the field of housing is subjectivized.
Tasks and responsibilities comprise:
– Interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of European ethnology, sociology and economy
– Autonomous development of empirical subfields in close cooperation with the colleagues in the fields of European ethnology, sociology and economy
– literature and document research
– Empirical research: archival research, (participant) observation, different types of interviews, discourse analysis etc.
– Analysis of empirical data in the context of the research questions of the project
– Publications in German and English language (autonomous and as part of a team)
– Presentations and conference lectures in German and English language (autonomous and as part of a team)
– Organisational and administrative tasks, e.g. the preparation and implementation of meetings, workshops and other events
Individual setting of priorities within the field of housing is possible. The empirical data collected may be used for a doctoral thesis. The doctorate is supported but not part of the job.
The advertised positions will be payed as determined by the FWF (

– Excellent master thesis in European ethnology or similar field of study (cultural anthropology, sociology, social sciences, cultural studies etc.)
– Experience with empirical research
– High methodical competence
– High writing skills
– High capacity for teamwork
– Willingness to engage oneself with the perspectives of other disciplines
– Excellent German and English language skills
– IT user skills (Office, reference management systems, project management tools, software for qualitative data analysis)

– Knowledge and experience in one of the fields of the project (concepts, discourses, practices of competition; institutional analysis/ethnography; urban studies; housing and housing policies etc.)
– Experience with interdisciplinary research und collaboration
– Experience with the methods applied in the project
– Other language skills are an advantage (e.g. Turkish, Serbo-Croatian)

Application documents:
– Letter of motivation (Why do I want to participate in the project? Which subfields am I specifically interested in? Which methodological competencies and thematic knowledge can I contribute?)
– Certificates
– Curriculum vitae
– Sample of own publication (paper or part of master thesis)

Applications including a letter of motivation (German or English) should be submitted via the Job Center to the University of Vienna ( no later than 16.12.2019, mentioning reference number 10209.

For further information please contact Wolfmayr, Georg +43-1-4277-44017.

The University pursues a non-discriminatory employment policy and values equal opportunities, as well as diversity ( The University lays special emphasis on increasing the number of women in senior and in academic positions. Given equal qualifications, preference will be given to female applicants.

Further information:;jsessionid=92003FB3F27B713A8CEB8472E940C71C?_flowExecutionKey=_cA704E0FF-6073-EB4E-E0C0-7B8ADDF4BFAC_k36F6F661-2072-161C-C2C3-F96287AB4762&tid=75849.28&_language=de

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