The world is changing at an ever faster pace. At the Johannes Kepler University Linz, we work on technologies and the ideas of tomorrow on a daily basis. At the same time, we educate over 21,000 young people to meet the demands of today’s job market. In short, we are Upper Austria’s largest institution for education and research. Are you interested in being a part of shaping the future of Austria’s most attractive campus university? We currently have a job opening starting March 2, 2020, for:

2 x Graduate Project Assistant (must hold a Diploma/Master’s degree)
for a 20-hour/week, three-year position at the Institute for Comprehensive Analysis of the Economy

Job Reference Number: 4084

Project Description:
Today, the logic of competition is present in large parts of social reality and is likely to have a formative impact on human conduct. Against this background the transdisciplinary SPACE project is dedicated to the question of how the economic logic of competition has evolved in the history of economic theorizing, and how it transgresses from academic debates into political and public discourses, legal regulations, and everyday life. It represents a unique triangulation of three disciplines from the social sciences and the humanities, and connects high-level academic scrutiny with the daily experiences of individuals. For further information concerning the project and its working packages visit our homepage ( or contact us directly.
The institute for the comprehensive analysis of the economy practices economics as a social science in close cooperation with colleagues with different disciplinary backgrounds interested in topics with societal relevance. Hence, an interdisciplinarity approach to research and theoretical as well as conceptual diversity and openness play a significant role in our work. Our research does not only consider ideas and perspectives of mainstream economics, but also integrates concepts and methods from other scientific disciplines – such as sociology, management studies or political science – and alternative approaches to economics. The latter encompass contributions to socio economics and heterodox economics by scholars such as Max Weber, Joseph A. Schumpeter, John Maynard Keynes or Karl Polanyi.

Job Duties:
• Actively take part in the FWF-Young Independent Research Group (YIRG) Spatial Competition and Economic Policies:
Discourses, Institutions and Practices (SPACE). As part of their scientific work and in close collaboration with colleagues
from SPACE and at the ICAE successful applicants should aim to accomplish a cumulative dissertation in line with the
topic of the YIRG
• It is expected that successful applicants are present two days a week at the ICAE in Linz, however, you are not
expected to move your centre of life to Linz
• You are encouraged to collaborate with the project partners in Vienna (ethnology and sociology)
• The employment contract is for 20-hours/week and limited to three years. In case more funds can be obtained,
we are interested in extending the scope of the contract

Your Qualifications:
• The successful candidate must hold a Diploma/Master’s (or comparable) degree in economics, social sciences or any
other discipline that is relevant for the topic of the research group
• Proficiency in German and English is required for the position
• Ability and willingness to work both independently and in a team (demonstrated through experience with project work)
• The motivation to work interdisciplinary is an important requirement for this position
• A certain interest in and experience with the topic of pluralism in economics is desirable, but what is really required is
the interest to engage with the arguments from various disciplines and schools of thought
• Knowledge of or/and interest in the history of economic thought is helpful. Your own work will not necessarily be
positioned in the field of the history of economic thought, yet the engagement with the historical genesis of the concept of‚
competition plays an important role in the overall project.
• Experience or interest in one of the following areas is mandatory for a successful application:
o The project will study how the economic concept of competition has impacted on institutions of the EU, particularly EU law, and what the socio-economic implications of these institutions are. Thus, knowledge in the area of institutional economics and/or law and economics is useful. We explicitly invite applications from outside economics. These applications will neither be advantaged nor disadvantaged.
o The project will investigate the role and performativity of economic concepts of competition in academic and social discourses both quantitatively and qualitatively. Thus, competencies in or the willingness to acquire competence in qualitative research methods (e.g. discourse analysis) is required.

What We Offer:
• On the basis of full-time employment (40 hours/week) the minimum salary in accordance with the collective agreement is € 2,864.50 gross per month (14 x per year, CA Job Grade: B1)
• Stable employer
• Attractive campus environment with good public transportation connections
• Attractive continual educational opportunities
• State-of-the-art research infrastructure
• Dynamic research environment
• Broad range of on-campus dining services/healthy meals (organic food at the cafeteria)
• Exercise and sports classes (USI)
• …and much more

Application Deadline: January 19, 2020.
The Johannes Kepler University wishes to increase the proportion of academic female faculty and, for this reason, especially welcomes applications by qualified women. If applicants are equally qualified, a woman will be given preference for this position. The university welcomes applications from qualified applicants with physical disabilities. These applications will be given special consideration.

How to Apply:
Prospective applicants interested in the multifaceted position are requested to electronically send an application in adherence to the stated criteria together with the requested documentation via mail to

If you have questions, please contact: MMag. Dr. Stephan Pühringer, P +43 732 2468 3410, E-mail:

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