WEA published a review of “Power and Influence of Economists”, co-edited by SPACE researcher Stephan Pühringer

The WEA (World Economic Association) reviewed the lastest book publication co-edited by SPACE researcher and project leader Stephan Pühringer. The book “Power and Influence of Economists: Contributions to the Social Studies of Economics” is co-edited by Jens Maesse, Thierry Rossier and Pierre Benz and deals with the increasing importance of the economic discipline and economic expertise for social and political questions and the interrelation of power and economics.

Excerpt from the review: “Among several notable accomplishments, the volume brings forward two themes that have been singled out in this review, as they are of particular interest to social scientists and, thus, worth commenting on. On the one hand, it provides evidence on how some countries have become laboratories for economic experiments, for instance in the application of the politics of austerity orchestrated by influential economists and policy makers. On the other hand, the book shows that economics is a field of power in which powerful networks play a role in determining who may be publicly recognized as a successful economist, i.e. an expert worth reading and listening to, and, by contrast, identifying those who shall not enjoy such attention among colleagues or such visibility in mainstream media.” (M. Stefancic, WEA Commentaries 11(2), July 2021, pp.11-12)

Please use this link for the full review by Mitja Stefancic.

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