SPACE researchers presented their work at the ESHET Conference 2021

Theresa Hager, Ines Heck (Greenwich University) and Johanna Rath presented their work „Competition in Transitional Processes: Polanyi and Schumpeter“ that condenses to a comparison of Schumpeter’s and Polanyi’s view on societal change  and the role of competition therein. Both theorists ascribe major importance to the co-development and interdependencies of the economic, political and social sphere of society and analyze the consequences of rationalization and commodification on democracy. 
The authors develop an analytical framework that facilitates the comparison of the two ontologically different theories and gain valuable insights on dynamics regarding the current rise of populism in democracies. 

The researchers benefitted from the helpful commentaries and the fruitful atmosphere in the Young Scholar session and the keynote lectures at the European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET) Conference 2021.

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