SPACE researcher published on climate justice and housing policy

In the recently published book “Klimasoziale Politik. Eine gerechte und emissionsfreie Gesellschaft gestalten” 30 authors shed light on how climate-social policies can create a fundamental improvement in our lives. They discuss concrete measures to shape a socially just and ecologically sustainable society. Themes of the book include health, housing, nutrition, gender justice, inclusion, care, wealth, and sustainable state budgets.

In the chapter on housing, Katharina Litschauer, Daniel Grabner, and Koen Smet highlight that climate-social housing policy pursues the goal of providing high-quality, socially inclusive, and affordable housing for all. In this context, not only the technical feasibility and the regulatory framework, but also social and distributional aspects have to be taken into account. Prospects and paths are developed, which highlight that socially just housing conditions can be reconciled with climate protection. To this end, the authors argue that rights of use, and thus the right to housing, must be strengthened, while opportunities for exploitation and profit maximization must be restricted to achieve a more equitable distribution of existing resources.

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