“The provision of affordable housing in times of housing crisis. Interpretations and practices of the Viennese non-profit sector” by Altreiter et al.

In this paper, SPACE researchers Carina Altreiter, Raphaela Kohout, Sarah Kumnig, Katharina Litschauer and Georg Wolfmayr deal with non-profit property developers in Vienna’s housing market. The exorbitant rise in land and building costs in recent years, as well as the increasing demand for affordable housing, have far-reaching implications for the provision of affordable housing in Vienna. These developments not only lead to shifts in the market in general, but also within the non-profit sector. The paper approaches these shifts at the level of non-profit enterprises and examines a) which interpretations of affordability and related challenges can be found in the field of non-profit housing, and b) which practices are applied in the provision of (affordable) housing. Empirically, the article is based on guided interviews with board members, managing directors and project developers from the non-profit housing sector, which were conducted between 2020 and 2021. Finally, implications for the non-profit sector in Vienna and for the provision of (affordable) housing are discussed.

Please find a link to the working paper here (German).

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