The 9th episode of SPACE Podcast entitled “Wohnen zwischen Versorung und Verwertung” is now online

The SPACE Project (in cooperation with Lisa Puchner) is producing a podcast series entitled “Wettbewerb infrage” to support the dissemination of research results from the project and discuss the concept of competition more broadly. The podcast series combines results, negotiated positions and discussions from the research project with content and voices from everyday life.

In the 9th episode Lisa Puchner accompanies Susanna Azevedo and Sarah Kumnig on their way through Kaisermühlen and the history of housing in Donaustadt, Vienna.

Living in Vienna lies in an area of tension between supply and utilisation. This tension is evident in the Kaisermühlen district, Vienna’s 22nd district, the Donaustadt. Susanna Azevedo from the Institute for European Ethnology at the University of Vienna and Sarah Kumnig from the Institute for Sociology at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration took a closer look at the district. As members of the SPACE research project, they invite you on an urban walk through around 100 years of housing in a very confined space.

The episode was broadcasted on Radio Orange on Tuesday, 27th of September 2022 at 2pm and is now accessible onlineIn addition, the podcast is now also available on Spotify. The next broadcast is scheduled for 22th of November 2022.

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