SPACE Researcher Matthias Aistleitner talkes about the dominance of a few institutions in Economics

The Austrian radio channel Ö1 published an interview with SPACE researcher Matthias Aistleitner in its science programm “Ö1 Wissen Aktuell”. Matthias talkes about the recent trend of the formation of ‘institutional oligopoly’, especially in the field of Economics. Together with his colleagues he uses seminal analysis of the institutional and geographical concentration of authors publishing in top economic journals. The findings of his work confirm the long-term persistence of strong oligopolistic structures in terms of both, author affiliations as well as PhD-granting institutions. In the interview he speaks about the dominance of a few institutions and some consequences of distorted competition in academia.

Please find a link to the episode of “Wissen Aktuell” here (german only). The paper referred to in the interview is available here.

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