The 10th episode of SPACE Podcast entitled “Competition Universalism und einige Zusammenhänge zwischen Wettbewerb und Raum” is now online

The SPACE Project (in cooperation with Lisa Puchner) is producing a podcast series entitled “Wettbewerb infrage” to support the dissemination of research results from the project and discuss the concept of competition more broadly. The podcast series combines results, negotiated positions and discussions from the research project with content and voices from everyday life.

In the 10th and last episode, Lisa Puchner talks to Ana Rogojanu from European Ethnology at the University of Vienna and Stephan Pühringer from the Institute for the Comprehensive Analysis of the Economy at the University of Linz about findings from the research project and about interdisciplinary approaches to competition and space. How can connections between space and competition be spelt out, and where does the focus on competition as an organizational principle come from? These are questions that the research project SPACE – spatial competition and economic policies are investigating.

The episode was broadcasted on Radio Orange on Tuesday, 11th of November 2022 at 2pm and is now accessible onlineIn addition, the podcast is now also available on Spotify. This is the last episode of the series.

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