SPACE Researchers Stephan Pühringer and Carina Altreiter comment on the situation of critical transformative knowledge production in capitalist societies

The Blog Post-Growth develop visions and design ideas for a post-growth society: a sustainable society that is not dependent on economic growth and in which it is possible to live well. Several guest authors contribute to the blog, among them are SPACE researchers Stephan Pühringer and Carina Altreiter. The article is part of a blog series on the relationship between post-growth and capitalism.

A variety of studies have shown in recent years and decades that the ways in which Western capitalist societies in particular produce, consume, and live far overburden the planet’s capacities. While many contributions have described and problematized in detail the multi-layered connections between the expansion of capitalist logics of exploitation and capital accumulation and the intensification of social and ecological crises, in this article the authors deal with a problem that is often only vaguely hinted at: The poor conditions for socio-critical research in the institutional framework of capitalist science systems, which have been shaped by neoliberal restructurings and university system reforms of the last years and decades.

Please find a link to the article here (german only).

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