ÖAW grant solemnly awarded to SPACE-researchers

On Wednesday, November 8, the Austrian Academy of Sciences held its scholarship award ceremony. The ÖAW honored a total of 83 scholarship holders. Among them were SPACE-researchers Susanna Azevedo, Theresa Hager and Laura Porak, who received a DOC team grant for their interdisciplinary research project “Explicit and Implicit Rules of Competition – Interdisciplinary Research Project on a Polarizing Principle of Social Order”. 

After being welcomed by Heinz Faßmann and Martin Polaschek, they were able to present their project on behalf of all DOC team scholarship holders. By understanding the omnipresent phenomenon of competition as an institution with explicit – i.e. sayable, legitimized – and implicit – i.e. unsayable, hidden – rules, they address three central problems of our time: global inequality, the European Union’s path to sustainability and the lack of affordable housing. Through the triangulation of socioeconomics, political science and sociology, competition is critically scrutinized as a principle of social order and understood as constituted by social power relations.  

Please find the press release of the ÖAW here.

Foto credits:  © ÖAW/Natascha Unkart

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