SPACE researchers presented their work at SASE Conference 2021 (online)

Carina Altreiter, Claudius Gräbner, Stephan Pühringer, Ana Rogojanu and Georg Wolfmayr presented their paper “Theorizing Competition: an interdisciplinary framework”. The paper delineates a framework that facilitates the triangulation of different concepts of ‘competition’ as used in distinct disciplines and paradigms. As such it is directly concerned with one of the fundamental missions of SPACE: to facilitate the constructive exchange on the subject of competition across disciplines. 

The framework consists of a minimal definition of competition and three blueprints, each addressing one of the three fundamental practical challenges when studying competition from different disciplinary backgrounds: the challenges of scope, methodology and normativity. Applying this framework can be benficial in two circumstances: to structure and triangulate existing works, or to delineate one’s own concept of competition in a transparent manner. Finally, the exemplary application of the framework suggests that differences between approaches between disciplines are not necessarily larger than within disciplines, pointing to the practical relevance of paradigms and research programs.

An earlier version of this paper is available as SPACE Working Paper No. 4. Furthermore, please find the slides of the presentation here:

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